Your cat deserves a vacation too. Big Valley Pet Resort is ready to pamper your feline (and we do not expect your cat to thank us).
  • Extra guest $7/night
  • Exercise/Playroom with toys and climbing tower $5/session
  • Grooming available upon request: rates vary based on breed and services desired
Townhouse Condominium Studio
# of rooms 2-4 2 1
Toys to stimulate their minds X X --
Several, warm fuzzy sleeping areas X X --
Warm fuzzy bed X X X
Cost $40.00 $30.00 $24.00


Dog guests are fed Whole Earth Farms grain-free kibble in the poultry formula. Even our pickiest eaters and most sensitive tummies seem to do well with it, but you are also encouraged to bring their own food in quantities appropriate for their stay.
  • Suite, Mini-Suite and Studio rooms available
  • Large outdoor play area for all socialized dogs to enjoy
  • Grooming available upon request
  • Play yards and farm walks are $10.00/guest
  • Extra guest in same room $12
  • Daycare is $25/guest and available from 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM
  • Stay 14 nights and get the 15th night free!!
  Suite Mini-Suite Studios
Indoor Covered; 8'x8' Covered; 4'x6' Covered; 3'x6'
Patio 8'x6' 4'x8' 3'x8'
Bed "King" size raised bed "Queen" size raised bed Single size floor bed
Misc Raised food and water
Bedtime Treats Bedtime Treats
Cost $65/night $50/night $40/night


Short-term boarding is available for your horse in safe, piped corrals, while you are on vacation. Each guest receives their own individual stall. Pasture turn-out is available for an additional fee. Please call for more information.


Some exotics (small birds, pocket pets) are welcome to enjoy the Resort. Please contact us to make arrangements.