Big Valley Pet Resort has a full-service professional grooming facility open 7 days a week.

  • Wendy has been grooming since 1997, taking up the post of full-time groomer at Big Valley in 2015. She shares her home with 2 Jack Russell mixes, 4 wild but loveable cats, 13 chickens, and a flourishing garden. In her time off, Wendy loves arts and crafts, hiking, and anything else in the great outdoors!
  • Kelsey has been grooming for more than 10 years, and works at Big Valley Pet Resort part time. When she's not grooming here, Kelsey has a full-time position as an emergency veterinary technician. She fosters puppies and dogs for the Kitsap Humane Society, loves camping and music.

Our grooming room has brand-new equipment for pets of all sizes. We use all natural products selected for their efficacy and formulated for health and safety. Please ask about hypoallergenic, moisturizing or other specialty products when you book your pet's next groom!

We offer dog and cat grooming, from basic bath and brush outs to full cuts and clips. Breed standard or a clip to your specification, we can do it all!

Our basic bath and brush out prices include nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning as needed, and trimming paw pads on furry breeds. In addition to dogs and cats, we also offer nail trims for other tolerant species, including reptiles, rabbits, and rodents.

If you have any questions about what services are available for your pet, give us a call any day of the week!


Appointments are generally available with a day or 2 of calling, but please DO call in advance for nail trims and grooming. We ask for 3-4 hours for most canine baths, and 4-5 hours for haircuts. By giving us ample time, we're able to give your pet breaks during grooming, which helps reduce stress. Some grooming salons will groom an animal straight through - we believe that this increases stress unnecessarily. At Big Valley Pet Resort, it's important to us that your pet enjoys his or her time here. If you have a friendly social dog, ask about dropping off early for your appointment so they can go outside and play with the boarding dogs! (An additional fee may apply)

As many of our clients already know, we are able to offer most of the boarding dogs bath or haircut options before they go home. This is separate from boarding, so please factor it into your pickup time on the day they're scheduled to go home and notify staff as soon as possible if your arrival time changes.

Common Issues

Common Issues

Did you know that most breeds of dogs do best having a bath and brush out monthly? This keeps the undercoat on a double coated breed blown-out, reducing shedding in your home, as well as helping the dog maintain a consistent body temperature. We offer shed-less treatments to assist in blowing and brushing out the undercoat. On "hair" dogs, haircuts every 4 weeks are usually recommend to prevent matting. By keeping your pet on a regular grooming schedule, Big Valley Pet Resort will be able to help use preventative measures to make sure painful mats never occur. A side benefit to regular grooming is that we're able to reduce your pets price when they are maintained consistently, as the groomers get to know your pet, and anticipate the condition that the coat will be in.

Mats are chunks of tangled, knotted hair that are amplified by a dirty coat. Matting can hide underlying skin problems, as well as create them. Most true matting cannot safely be brushed out. If a groomer (or owner) tries to brush through mats, it can rip the skin underneath or cause "brush burn," a painful irritation of the skin caused by excessive friction. The skin under a mat is generally quite sensitive, since it has not been exposed to air or touch; great care must be used when grooming a pet that is matted. With very badly matted coats, brushing out is not an option and we must shave under the mat, leaving the hair very short. When a pet is matted, options for haircuts are limited to very short clips or shave downs.

Mats form a few different ways. On a breed with an undercoat (Labrador, Malamute, Shepherds, Pugs, Collie, Spaniels, Doodle mixes and Beagles are a few examples), this bottom layer that is trying to come off can get packed in, becoming matted if not brushed and kept up on. On a hair breed (Yorkshire Terrier, Schnauzer, Havanese, Poodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and the -doodles, for example) mats tend to form in the friction areas. Under the collar, behind the ears, under and in between the legs are major spots that can be hard to maintain and brush out at home. Many animals don't enjoy being brushed in sensitive areas and may attempt to overgroom themselves: ask about trimming the sanitary area on your pet.

Let the Big Valley Pet Resort groomers help you out! Both Wendy and Kelsey groom because they enjoy helping animals, and everyone at Big Valley shares this philosophy. Says Wendy, "I love to make pets feel good and loved while they're in my care." Known for getting the "last-chance" pets, our groomers genuinely enjoy working with the difficult animals, and dogs that may have been turned away from other grooming salons due to behavior problems. Poor reactions to the grooming experience are almost always rooted in fear. Consistent handling and consistent expectations will go a long way to building your pet's trust in a groomer, and allow them to build some confidence. Once a dog or cat has gained confidence, you'll see behavior changes in grooming.

Nail Trimming

Nail Trimming

Did you know that most dogs benefit from nail trimming every 2 weeks? At Big Valley, we use a rotary grinding tool for most dogs' nails, getting the nail as short as possible. Inside of a dogs nail there is a piece of live tissue, called the "quick". This tissue bleeds if it's cut when a nail is trimmed too short. Using a rotary tool helps us get the nail as short and as round as we can, without getting into the quick. When dog's nails are not trimmed frequently enough, the quick grows, and continues to extend. By trimming nails every 2 weeks, your groomer can help your dogs quick recede, so the nails get progressively shorter over time.

If you can hear your dog's nails clicking on a hard surface, they're too long.

We're offering a buy 9; get one free nail trim punch card. Be sure to mention your participation when you schedule your dogs nail trim.