When should I make a reservation?

Please make reservations as soon as you know you are leaving. The resort is quite busy-- especially around holidays, spring break and Summer. You can make reservations by email, by phone (360.697.1451), or in person at our office! Cancellations for reservations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in an "Advance Payment Reservation" for all future stays at the resort. This means that you must pay for your animals first night�s stay at the resort when making a reservation either in person at the resort or with credit card over phone.

My pet is a little unpredictable. What if he/she damages the facility?

Should your animal damage anything during his stay, there will be an extra charge for the damaged equipment.

How can I help make my pet's stay more enjoyable?

You are welcome to bring any favorite toys for you pets! We have limited space for storage so please only bring what can fit in your animal�s kennel.
Some ideas:

  • T-shirts (with owner�s scent)
  • balls
  • stuffed animals
  • chew toys (no nylabones please)
  • Treats (no rawhides please, they are a choking hazard)
  • Small kennels for small dogs

I have a picky eater. What are my options?

We feed Flint River Ranch food for both dogs and cats. FRR is an all-natural, preservative free, no harmful byproducts, high quality food. However, you are welcome to bring your animal�s own food if you want, especially if they have a sensitive stomach. If you do bring your own food, we ask that it be individually packaged in zip-lock bags per meal. This will help ensure your animal gets the appropriate amount of food.

Can my pet sleep in his/her own bed?

We ask that you leave your animal's bedding at home. We have raised beds available for each run and plenty of blankets to go around! This will help us keep things nice and clean and help prevent the spread of illness amongst the animals.

What if my pet is injured or falls sick?

If your pet should become ill during their stay, we will try to contact you or your emergency contact person. If we cannot contact anyone, your pet will be seen by Dr. Cable at your expense. If your pet becomes injured during their stay, they will be seen immediately by Dr. Cable at your expense. If the situation is not an emergency and you would like your pet to be treated by your own veterinarian, you must arrange for transportation of your pet.