Big Valley Veterinary Services
Big Valley Veterinary Services is a Holistic practice owned and operated by Dr. Michael H. Cable. It is located on a tranquil 30-acre farm in Poulsbo, Washington. Holistic Veterinary medicine is medical care that uses a wide range of therapies to heal the entire patient. For example, the petís environment, disease pattern and relationship with its owner are all considered when developing a treatment.

Big Valley Animal Clinic
Big Valley Pet Resort
Big Valley Pet Resort Big Valley Pet Resort is a state of the art facility located on a tranquil thirty-acre farm on Big Valley Road in Poulsbo, Washington. Michael H. Cable, D.V.M. owns the resort and operates his veterinary clinic and horse boarding facility on campus. The Resort strives to provide its guests with an innovative approach to care in a bright, clean and safe environment to ensure their happiness and desire to return.
Big Valley Animal Care Center
25297 Big Valley Road, N.E. Poulsbo, WA 98370
Pet Resort: 360.697.1451;
Clinic: 360.697.1650;
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